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S.O.A.P this Holiday Season


Phil.4:16 & 17 “you sent a gift more than once for my needs. Not that I seek the gift itself, but I seek for the profit which increases to your account”.

In the book of Philippians, Paul who was a prisoner; received a gift. He wrote some verses in this book to thank the Philippians for the gift that they had sent him, while he was detained in Rome. We do not know what the gift was; but I know that soap is such a welcome gift to those who are in prison.

Did you know that soap has history going back as far as six thousand years? The earliest known soap recipe is credited to the ancient Babylonians around 2800 B.C. Throughout history, soap was medically used for treatment of skin diseases. Common soap bars that we see in our stores today, were invented in the 19th century. Read more …..

Leaving Differences Behind

Inmates take on officers at a Women’s Day Event at Luzira Women’s Prison, Kampala.

Nothing could keep the spectators in their designated, shaded seating areas. As soon as the match started the whole crowd of women clad in yellow overalls rushed towards the pitch, cheering their team. “You were praised a lot beforehand … Now we want to see how good you really are!” they sang in Luganda. Women of all ages stood around the pitch, some with a baby in their arms or clutching a child to their hip, others jumping and dancing in excitement.

Both teams on the netball pitch wore smart and sportive outfits. “Who were you passing that ball to?” several women shouted as the ball thrown by a woman from the team in light orange tricots went beyond the borders of the field. Read more …..

APP-University of London Students Providing Basic Legal Support to Fellow Inmates

The APP through its Access to Justice Programme adopts a two pronged approach which we believe provides the best cost benefit to addressing some of these challenges. African Prisons Project provides study opportunities for prison staff and inmates to study law with the University of London International programme. Read more …..

African Prisons Project Trains Prison Based Village Health Teams

The African Prisons Project with support from the Independent Development Fund (IDF) recently trained 22 members of ‘Village Health Teams’ who were drawn from 8 prisons from Oyam and Apac districts in Northern Uganda: the first of its kind in Ugandan Prisons. Read more …..